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October 02, 2008


Stevie B

Thanks for the memory tip. I'll take a deep breath BEFORE I dash out the door, and then I won't forget to unplug the coffee pot and remember it once I'm on my way to work!

Kitty Wiemelt

Judy, What a delightful and, Oh so true, article. When we are frantic to find anything, we have constricted our minds with fear (am I losing it, my mom had Alzheimers?) and the stress of not having it together. T Harv Ecker is the author of the Millionaire Mind and he says, "Where the Attention Goes, Energy Flows, & Results Show." Judy, you say, take a breath, repeat the positive affirmation of what you are asking for (to find your glasses) and direct your whole attention with calmness. I whole heartedly agree. Nice job. www.bouncebackexpert.typepad.com

Judy L

Great tip. I always forget about it and heaven knows I need it now!!! I immediately startied deep breathing after reading your email. Thanks so much...it worked!!

Bonnie S


This statement you wrote is genius!

"Think of breath as an interior fan with a built-in thermostat that keeps your blood pressure down, your system oxygenated, and your mental stress protectors from overheating due to frustration."

I love thinking it in those terms. In recent years, I've been using conscious thought to remind myself to breathe. This will help that effort. Thank you.

Judy Y

I am going to try that next time - and knowing me, next time should be quite soon!
Thanks Judy!

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